Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

While people hear the internet buzz words they might be confused what all the hype is about.

According to American Marketing Association SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the use of various internet techniques which result in:  improve search engine results. increase website traffic and better ROI results.

What does this mean for a business website?

Statistics show people generally only scan the first page of Google for information.  Most web browser only display the first 10 sites.   Customers are looking for information, and click on the first few sites options.  When they don’t see what they want they move on, or search on another term.

How do you beat the search engines?

Keywords, text, content.  Realistically a website has about 30 seconds to impress the browser.  You need to give your customer information and option, jump off the page, and encourage people to stay.   Don’t be fooled, search engines are in the business of making money.  They want to encourage you to buy first page ranking through paid advertising.  The backbone of a search engine is showing “relevant” content to their customers.

What is a small business to do?  How can you reach the first page of Google without breaking the bank?

First, a properly optimized website helps.  Knowing where to reach your local marketplace you should consider listing your site.  BestSEOintown helps you get major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo to recognize you.  Our job is to help cut through the bull on the web and optimize your site for traffic.

The solution…

BestSEOinTown can help you achieve SEO results within 90 days (with many enjoying top ranking within 30 days).   We get to know your business, and then tailor the solutions for you.

The best part – we want happy customers, so BestSEOinTown guaranteed results.  Our job is to double your traffic, and get you to the top of Google quickly.

We can work with your webmaster, or manage your website marketing process from A-Z.   Enjoy website marketing results right away.  Contact us by filling in this form – we will contact you right away.

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