Biz Buzz Blog #104 – Spring into Mobile Text-nology

April 19, 2011 under Biz Buzz, Social/Mobile Marketing

Hey folks,

Sorry that I’ve been off the grid for a while.  My college friends are about to finish another year, and are making plans for the summer, but most of them are enjoying spring break right now.  The last few weeks have been busy with customer requests and networking.  Some of the staff moved their base of operations at the same time.  Busy month to say the least, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t kept on top of the trends in SEO/website marketing.

We’ll unless you’ve been asleep – Google changed some of it’s code about a month ago.  The day Panda roared caused some commotion in the internet community.  Website owners with tons of links to articles feared the worst.   Some sites took a hit, but most survived the new code changes.  Google is in business to make money from PPC.  Think otherwise, and you’re fooling yourself, so the changes helped PPC users first.  Organic SEO took a bit of a ding, but it’s still going strong.

My thoughts are on mobile text-nology today -

Mobile is great tool for businesses who have tech-savvy customers.  You can identify those customers by their firm grasp on their cell phones.  Those prospects haven’t used a phone book, or read a paper in years.  They are the people who are traveling around town, and will expect quick response from your mobile page.  Remember, text downloaded quickly, pictures take a long time…  Well today mobile users have 3G & 4G phones.  3G (third generation phones) are slower so you need to design the mobile site for those users first.  Don’t get too tech crazy, and add in a lot of gooey tools.  Trust up it will backfire.

I can hear some people who own a website saying – you can see our website on the phone.  Well if it’s graphics or text heavy people won’t use it.  It’s too much trouble to find a phone number in a sea of pictures.  A dedicated mobi site is a solution which can address this problem.  Remember if you’re not using technology, your competitor is, and they will take your customers.

Within the next 2 years people are going to choose to use a cell phone over a traditional computer.  The world is getting faster and faster, and access to technology will be the one luxury that most people will continuously buy.  Especially if the price of gas keeps going up.  No more driving around town for a deal!  Your customer will do shopping research on the computer.  Then they will find better deals on their smart phone, right in front of you.

Mobile is great for social proof.  Imagine having a mobile page where a customer can get immediate actionable items (click to call, text coupons, etc.) on a mobile page.  For example, you’re a restaurant, put the daily specials on a mobile page.  Text your favorite customers who signed up for specials a share this link program.  The only limit to text-nology is your own imagination.

There are so many ways to access text-nology to help promote your business.  Your business location can’t get up and move, but your mobile presence can be your local store front on the move.

Let us know how you’re using Mobile & Social marketing to improve your business results.

Dylan D

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