Biz-Buzz Blog #103 – Link, Link Baby

February 13, 2011 under Biz Buzz, SEO Tips

Google Secrete Sauce Timeless Tip #2 – Links

Links are another key component to long-term steady SEO results.  Google has billions of pages to index, so it would take an army of people to evaluate all of them every month.  Their mega servers want to know if other people are spreading your content.  Do they value your website enough to mention it on their website.  Did they create a permanent exchange link with you?  Rejoice when legit businesses want to link with you – oh happy day!

So you know the first job as the website owner is to create content.  The type of content which offers your visitors in-depth information  about  your products and services.  The next job is to actively go out to relevant sites and exchange links.

Secret sauce of link building

Now don’t freak out – you don’t have to spend the rest of your life looking for linking opportunities.  First DIY suggestion – reach out to other websites you know.  The content needs to be cohesive and relevant.  Let’s say you’re selling auto parts but you link to a day spa, that might just look like you’re link grabbing.  On the other hand, if you have business associates such as a car wash, an auto detailing company, and an automotive paint store with websites go ahead.  Link to these sites because they’re similar businesses.  Use the business relationship to develop a link exchange system with other webmasters.

Another link building idea could be comments on blog posts.  As long as your actively sharing your opinions on an blog post people won’t delete it.  If you only post “good point” and add a hyperlink to your website chances are your comment will be deleted as spam.  Put a few logical sentences together, and show off your expertise!

Last link building idea – look for the heavy hitters of website extensions, and post comments on .org or .edu websites.  They have more weight in the eyes of search engines than .com, .net, or any other dot extension.  Still don’t overlook .com and .net linking opportunities.  Just find sites that have a high page rank on search engines.  People look for authority – so avoid junk sites just because they’re easy to link with.

Final word – if you’re confused by linking to sites, hire a consultant to manage your link building strategy.  Work with someone who will drive links on a consistent month to month basis.  Avoid spammy consultants who promise “100 links tomorrow” strategies – they will put your name everywhere.  Google doesn’t look favorably on that techniques.

As always if you have any questions about optimization for your site -  Email Me, phone or through our contact us form.  Check back on our site and let’s optimize your business soon.


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